pickactivity is a mobile application and web platform developed to address the challenge parents face in finding family-friendly activities in Belgium. The diversity of offerings and the lack of information often make it difficult for parents to search for activities, especially in large cities like Brussels, where many parents are new residents.






Mobile application, Website, B2C

The project involved creating a user-friendly application that lists various family activities, such as child-friendly restaurants, theater shows, game rooms, or playgrounds in parks.

The goal was to provide parents with a centralized platform where they could discover and choose entertaining activities for their children. Simultaneously, an administrative interface was developed for the businesses listed on the platform. This allows them to manage their information and offerings, providing an effective way to promote their activities to the parent community. The project lasted approximately two to three months, during which we carried out successive iterations to improve and add new features.

Among the notable additions, we included a geolocation feature to allow users to easily find activities near their current location. Over time, the application gained popularity, attracting between 2000 and 5000 users. The number of weekly users increased rapidly, reaching around 2500 people. This growth reflects the positive impact of the application on families, who could more easily find activities tailored to their needs.

The application also integrated a ticket purchase solution to facilitate the booking process for the offered activities. This allows users to book directly from the application, simplifying their experience.

In summary, the project carried out for pickactivity involved developing a mobile application and a dedicated web platform for finding family activities in Belgium. Thanks to this solution, parents could more easily find entertaining activities for their children, while offering listed businesses an opportunity to promote their offerings. The application experienced significant user growth, demonstrating its utility and success in the parent community.

PS: This application has been discontinued by its creator and is no longer accessible.