The initial problem identified by the client was the presence of five separate Excel workbooks containing data, including duplicated information. These duplications posed a risk of information not being updated, creating a problematic situation for customer tracking. The team of five people had to constantly connect and disconnect from the Excel files to allow other members to carry out their own data entry.

To address this issue, we proposed an online solution that is accessible, user-friendly, and more efficient. The goal was to eliminate duplicate data, thereby centralizing it in one place.

This approach ensured that information would be entered only once, reducing the risks of inconsistency.






Process optimisation, CRM, Excel Migration

To begin, we organized two or three preliminary meetings to thoroughly understand the client's needs. The client sent us files for an initial analysis and to provide a precise quote. Once these steps were completed, we took charge of the entire project.

We quickly implemented a technical solution that allowed the client to become self-sufficient in managing their data. The project was implemented within a month. On the technical side, we imported existing Excel files after an audit, standardized the data to align them in a coherent format. To achieve this, we used a Python script, which had a significant impact on the company's operations.

The implemented solution allowed employees to save time by avoiding constraints related to simultaneous data entry. Now, each user can perform data entry at any time by directly accessing client data. This approach eliminated redundant entries and reduced the risk of errors that could have resulted from differences between Fridays.

The impact of our solution resulted in at least a 60% reduction in time spent on error checks in employees' work. Additionally, we implemented statistics that allow managers to track the individual performance of each employee. The user-friendly interface we developed offers a simpler and more pleasant data entry experience compared to the basic use of Excel.

In summary, our project for embuild optimized the management of client data by centralizing information, avoiding duplicates, and improving operational efficiency. Thanks to our technical solution, the client benefited from a user-friendly interface and task automation, enabling more effective management of their human resources and time.